Greetings and pixelations!

My name is Valerie Smith and I am a graphic artist living deep in the heart of Southern Oregon. Within these pages you will find various samples of digital art, motion graphics, animation, app development, and playable games. So you're encouraged to have some fun while you visit. I offer a wide variety of services related to visual arts. I specialize in digital media and communication technologies, however I also offer calligraphy, sign painting, and other forms of multi media fine art. I am experienced with web development languages such as, html, css, css3, html5, javascript, json, jquery, php, mysql, svg and d3js. In addition to the graphics gallery, there is a variety of code samples and data visualization demo's over at the web development page. I appreciate your time and visit. Please don't hesitate to drop me a note! Thank you for stopping by!

This site is currently in development, so please excuse all of the color and style morphing.