Berry Vine's Fun and Games

This page is a compilation of various games created using html5 and "Construct 2". Some of the games are finished, and others are works in progress. Some of the demo's will scale down for smaller devices, and others render better with a full sized monitor. Not every prototype is compatible with every browser. Two of the demo's include touch activation and may be played on smaller touch screen devices. I would like to express my gratitude to Jason Shaw at audionautix.com, for his generous sharing of some awesome sound tracks. Many of my demo's and games, use his compositions, and without them they simply would not be the same. Thank you Jason. Some of the graphics were created fresh for the demo's, and other art was fished out of the deep creases of my art folders. Most of the music belongs to Jason Shaw, and all of the art and character design belong to me. Please do not tamper with either without permission. Thank you very much for stopping in, hope ya have some fun!

Phoenix Leaving Venus

Project "Phoenix leaving Venus" is a demo of a space shooter game. I used some newer and older graphics for this demo. The project is set up to use touch. You can grab and drag the ship from side to side to aim and shoot. The music is a composition I wrote about five years ago called "Quetzal's Quest" I hope you enjoy the demo.


Troll Bashers Lounge

I wanted to greate a physics rag doll character, and was deeply inspired by some of the trolls lurking amongst the southern Oregon musicians classifieds. Geesehsh! They can be jerks, they know more about running a club than a club owner. They know more about gear and recording equipment, than any any studio tech. They know more about wowing a crowd than any other successful paid musician.....well...errr...or at least they think they do. And boy oh boy can they be nasty. Well this little game demo drops a snivelling little troll out from behind his monitor, and smack dab into the centre of a real venue where the band, and bouncer do not take to kindly to sleazy trolls. If you want to really have some fun right click on his head, and heads will roll! You will need to refresh the page to re attach his head. Have fun, and perhaps tip my musician and charities.


The Flying Chardweenies

"The Flying Chardweenies" is a game in development starring Chef Charlie Chardweenie. The game takes place in a delicatessen where Chef Charlie assists his little sausage and weenie friends on their quest across and throughout the deli. They must avoid grinders, knives and other unsavoury pitfalls, including the deli owners little chubby dachshund hound. This game uses physics properties and can be played with one single mouse click or drag at a time. Chef Charlie will follow the mouse in the game screen. In this demo Charlie launches the Vienna sausages up to the spoon using just the right timing, pressure, and angle of force downward on the lower spoon handle. Once you figure out the best angle, force and timing to bounce the spoon, you can link up three weenies. Its kind of tough in the beginning, but you can get the hang of hanging the little weenies. This is just a raw demo version so you need to refresh the page to start over.


Tune Looper

This tune looper is an experimental app that allows you to create little looping tunes. You click on a note and drag it from the center, to anywhere you want in the music wheel. You can also drag notes into the garbage if you want to toss them. You can save up tp two songs. Enjoy creating!