Art in Motion

This video is a sampling of clips created in TV Paint and Blender. Most of which was achieved through curiosity and exploration. I used TV Paint to create all of the animations and visual effects.Then I added texture mapping and looping animations to a few object in Blender 3D. I experimented with a lot of different styles and effects, from rotoscoping to raw hand drawn animations. The scope of the animations and effects can be quite useful in a wide variety of applications, including website splash screens as well as video and game intros. The music is by Jason Shaw Oh yeah! ... sometimes you need to roll over vimeo's player once or twice to hide the player controls. This video has not yet been adapted for mobile. Oh yeah, "pixeloosa" is now "Berry Vine Design".

Animated Gif Mash Up

This a collection of animated gifs created over the last few years. I love exploring geometry in motion. Some of animations repeat over time with seamless loops, and others repeat over space with seamless tiling loops. These files can come in very handy for wrapping 3D objects. I had them posted individually on my old website, yet some were pretty large files and loaded a little to slow, so I decided to place a handfull all together and throw in a music track. Most were created in TV Paint with one or two in Fireworks. The music is by Jason Shaw This video has not yet been adapted for mobile. Just like the video above, "pixeloosa" changed her name to Berry Vine Design.