Web Design

Web design and data visualization have come a heck of a long way in the last handful of years. My favourite projects involve Svg animation, and data visualization. There will be more demo's using these tools uploaded real soon.


Litek's website uses a simple one page layout with a customized audio player, and slideshow. The banner design is in keeping with the natural and local theme the client wanted to convey with his product. The audio player was created using jquery, and skinned to blend with the colour scheme of the page.


Jam Along the Rogue

Jam along the rogue is a social network in the early phases of development. Most of the functionality is in place, however I am still in the process of adding new features and adapting it for mobile. It uses php, my sql, ajax, json, html, and css. A table is available for users to search venues and jam times in their area.


Sample Music Page

The Antonucci Collective is a demo of a mobile friendly music site. It is a work in progress, featuring the Antonucci family of bluegrass musicians.


Bar Chart

"How Tall is my Pine" is an experiment using D3js for data visualization. Because data does not need to be boring. This chart parses a .csv file to display the data. The images swap on hover, and it has some nice tool tips on hover as well.


Oh My Oregon

"Oh my Oregon" is another example of data visualization using D3js. The map displays information on hover. The bar chart also delivers more information as you hover over each bar on the chart.